Maria Ulfah Anshor


Maria Ulfah Anshor, a woman activist, with a background in Islamic boarding school education has led her to become a lecturer, politician, and child and women activist. She is currently holding a commissioner at the National Commission of Women Protection (2020-2024) and leading the sub-commission for education and legal and policy reform since January 2020.

She completed her bachelor’s degree from the Sharia Faculty at the al-Qur’an Institute of Science (IIQ) Jakarta, earned a Master degree in the women’s studies program at the University of Indonesia. Her thesis entitled “Fiqh Abortion from a Muslim Feminist Perspective” earned her the “Saparinah Sadli Award” (2004). Her activities in empowering women have also led her granted the Women Award from ANTV (2005). Maria gained her doctoral degree in Social Welfare Science, University of Indonesia. She became the special staff in Empowerment of Women and Children (2004-2005) at the Coordinating Minister for People’s Welfare. She took part in the National Awakening Party (PKB) and became a member of the Inter-Time Substitute Council (PAW) (2007-2009) and later served as Chair of the Indonesian Parliamentary Women’s Caucus Presidium (KPP-RI).

Maria Ulfah has also been a Member of the Steering Team at the World Population Foundation (WPF) for the development of a Reproductive Health for Adolescents based on “DAKU” Technology Module (My Fun World). She became the chairwomen of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) (2010-2013) and as the commissioner in charge of Social and Disaster Emergency (2014-2017). Some of the books she has written include: What Kiyai and Nyai Say About Abortion (books), Parenting Patterns in a Gender Perspective (books), Parenting with Love, Islamic Guide to Educating Children Full of Love and Affection (books), Religious Fundamentalism and Its Impact on Reproductive Health and Sexuality (joint research).