Donations for People Affected by Covid 19

Since the announcement of the Covid 19 case in early March 2020, its spread has continued to increase, raequiring the government to adopt PSBB policies in various regions, as a step to break the chain of transmission. This decision, of course, has a huge impact on the economy, especially for the lower classes of society such as laborers, daily workers, small shops, etc.

Meanwhile, women are the most vulnerable group. When all the members of the family gather at home, there is more domestic work and traditionally women are responsible for doing it. In addition, women will also try to make ends meet for their families when their husbands can no longer earn a living. With all their abilities and creativity, women sell food online, sew masks, start farming for food security, etc. So that many women have a double burden.

Seeing this condition, both the central and local governments have anticipated providing social assistance in the form of cash and basic necessities, but the process takes time, from data collection to distribution of aid. In a situation like this, with the increasing number of problems and victims, society cannot depend 100% on the government. Cooperation and mutual help from various parties are needed.

The Empatiku Foundation, with all its limitations, of course cannot remain silent. On May 18, 2020, in coordination with the sub-districts of the working area, contributed to helping residents affected by Covid 19. Assistance in the form of 50 packages of rice @ 5kg and 100 masks were added to the aid containing cooking oil and sugar which was distributed by the Kelurahan Benda Baru District. Pamulang, South Tangerang City. Other villages, namely Pondok Kacang Timur Village, Pondok Aren District, South Tangerang and Jombang Village, Ciputat District, Tangsel City, were given assistance in the form of 50 packages @ 5kg of rice and 100 masks. Furthermore, Empatiku also provided assistance in the form of 50 packages of rice @ 5kg and sugar @ 1 kg and 100 masks to Kenanga Village, Cipondoh District, Tangerang City.

The assistance provided was not large but felt very beneficial by the residents

“Thank you, this assistance is very useful, many residents here work as factory workers who have been laid off. Until now, government assistance has not arrived, while the data we have submitted, as a result we are being chased every day by residents who need help. With the rice aid from Empatiku, it makes us excited again to work to help the victims while waiting for social assistance from the government to come, ” said Mrs. Sri Handayani, the head of the Kenanga Urban Village Community Social Worker

“Bu Mega know, I distributed the rice at noon, I forgot to take a photo for documentation, at night I returned again, for a photo, it turned out that the rice had already been opened. Sorry Mother, I want to cook, there is no rice, I waited for my husband not to come home, so I opened the rice from Mother. Sad Mother, I don’t have rice. “ That’s the story of Mrs. Sri Maryati from Pondok Kacang Timur

“Thank you, we really appreciate the concern of the Empatiku Foundation, not how much assistance is given, but goodwill and sincerity, that’s what we see.” This opinion was conveyed by Pak Iwan and Ustadz Komarudin from the Jombang village

Of course there are many other touching stories that happened when the aid was distributed. Togetherness and contributions from all walks of life are needed in dealing with this extraordinary situation. Hopefully the Covid 19 Pandemic can be resolved soon so that life can return to normal.