Early Detection and Treatment to Prevent Radicalism

Monday, (20/7/2020), ATMNews.id, TANGSEL
Dozens of residents from three urban villages in Tangsel City participated in the training on the Early Detection and Handling of Violent Extremism (SITI) based on Village/Kelurahan at a hotel in North Serpong.

The training at the village level team was attended by Jombang, Benda Baru, and Pondok Kacang Timur Villages for three days. Director of C-Save Ichsan Malik said the SITI phase II program was implemented in 16 villages / sub-districts in 4 provinces, East Java, Central Java, Banten, and also West Java. “Its main mission is to prevent the spread of an ideology of radicalism based on extreme violence in society,” he said.

“We hope that during these 3 days the participants will all participate actively. We will also prepare resource persons and carry out an effective dialogue, ” he said. He warned that it is necessary to pay attention to the Covid-19 pandemic situation. “We sincerely ask the participants for their respective health according to the Covid-19 health protocol,” he hoped.

Asda 1 Tangsel City Government Rahmat Salam said the Tangsel City Government was enthusiastic about this training because residents were taught to detect everything related to radicalism early.

“So, basically you are like intel, unknown but with a silent operation but can report and search to C-Save. However, this is part of protecting the Republic of Indonesia, ” he said.

Rahmat Salam said, as a defender of the capital and very fertile (terrorist elements) as well as many experiences suddenly Densus 88 arrested suspected terrorists.

“Therefore, this is very good, this institution trains urban villages to increase their awareness. They care more, and what they want, if there is something strange, report it to the urban village security so that it will be detected more, ” he added. (Sugeng).

Source: https://atmnews.id/banten/cegah-radikalisme-puluhan-warga-tangsel-diajari-sistem-deteksi-dan-penanganan-dini-radikalisme/